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Effective Deep
You're deep,
Pulling me in,
Luring out of the big blue sea.
You've hooked me good.
I flop, helpless to your mercy.
I need air! I cannot breathe!
I'm here, you're there, yet you still affect me.
By a weakling such as you.
Vulnerable to the THEM...
A drug you deny takes effect.
THEY darken you and turn you against me.
It consumes you right under your nose.
Loyal to THEM no matter what has been said to the heart and the mind.
Your claws sink in deeply;
Tearing me apart from the seams.
From flesh and bone.
Those fangs pierce lulling me.
Draining me dry till I suffocate.
Swaying back and forth into a never ending charismatic dance.
I tumble, I fall, never getting back up.
I lay there only having time to think of the "wrongs" and "what ifs".
It's a blur,
What had been,
What was never there,
What was needed never came;
A broken harmony going out of tune.
Useless thoughts undergo endlessly.
Thick and black with doubt and fear.
With possible false hopes of the positive.
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Mature content
Looking in the Afterlife :icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 2 0
My Town
Bare and thin,the trees sway with the wind;
Birds tweet an afternoon song as she walks by.
The trees dance in the cold breeze, dancing to a winter song.
Blue sky speckled with white;
Green colors blend in with one another as they begin to fade to brown.
It's breezy, colder, and stiffer than ever;
Roads cracked and needing repair;
Machines go by daily along the asphalt.
Stench of skunks run over linger and disappear;
This is the life of my town happen to life an age where it remains.
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As You Can
Rise above me, ride as fast  as you can; he's coming, run away as fast as you can.
She's coming, stay for as long as you can; fighting as hard as they can, will this ever end?
Fight for your freedom as much as you can; is this all we ever do? Try as hard as we can?
Never give up and keep going as far as you can; climb the mountain top as high as you can.
Running, running as fast as he can, he's running from the zombie men.
Never give up on dreams, for they never give up on you. Try as hard as you can, this is a must!
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The Lingering Stench
Ugly and lingering, this moat I walk in. A monster from the Lagoon coming to hang around and stay. Its features red and droopy, the eyes bug out as it scopes the landscape for food.
Don't come near! Stay away, disgusting creature! Mud clings from the Lagoon, no wonder you are the creature of the Lagoon.
Wet and sticky, this mud clings to me. Only I smell this stench. Heavy and wet, warm and sticky. Why must we suffer this occasional flow?
I'm beaten and angry, I am boogeying around. Beware of the Boogeywoman! She causes discord to all who come near. They hide and cower in fear and misery.
She moans and groans with arms clutching her abdominal.
Beware of the Boogeywoman and the creature of the Lagoon!
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The Chaos Within
It's burning,
It's stirring,
The abyss is stirring,
The dark void is coming closer,
Reeks of death soon to come brewing inside.
It's churning,
Like a whirlwind mess,
A tornado came and still remaining,
Stay and let it run its course,
No stopping,
Keep moving,
Hide and rest now;
Let it tear me a part and scatter me around.
It's brewing,
The cauldron is mixing me in,
It's stirring,
Don't take me in,
I don't want to break under this stress.
It's too late,
Now I'm no longer here.
Where am I?
Come find me among the remains.
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Creature Madness
Invite me,
I'm a disgrace to all.
Don't invite me,
I am the worst.
Ignore me,
I don't deserve someone like you.
Come take the kiss of poison.
Hold me and constrict me.
Squeeze me until no more;
No more to see of you.
Stroke my hissing hair,
Bitten to die in sight.
Frozen like stone,
Words instead of the gaze.
Claw my eyes out,
To no longer see,
Claw me free,
From my torture.
Free me from the chaos.
Heal me,
So I may rise above this,
Move on from this.
Start over again,
Restart my console, please,
I don't want to play this game anymore.
Run away,
The boogeyman will always find you.
The incubus kisses me and takes my happiness away.
He takes everything from me.
Give it back!
Take these thoughts!
The vampire prince is manipulating,
He's manipulating me.
He's consuming,
Consuming all of me.
Suck me dry.
I do not exist here.
Take me away!
Take me back!
Don't leave me!
Invite me, please!
I will do my best.
The witch will change,
She will rise above this.
Let her put her spells away.
Strip he
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Forgive Me
Be with me,
Be together forever,
Forgive me,
Never have I committed something like this before.
Forgive me,
I am very sorry,
We should have never been friends.
I should have never went;
I should have never said those words--the oath.
Never done what I did.
Forgive me,
I miss you,
It may never begin.
You may be the one that got away.
Forgive me,
This lonely, guilty heart aches for your forgiveness.
Please forgive me,
I am a liar now.
I am a changed woman now.
A succubus who plays before she devours.
Consuming you whole;
Forgive this damned succubus, Superman.
She meant no harm.
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Mature content
Devil! :icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 0 0
Darling O' Mine
Angel from the sky,
Angel in my eyes,
An angel comes down and takes me away;
Here comes Mr. Perfect,
To come and take my breath away,
Sweet as honey,
Oh my sweet boy,
Prince Charming comes and sweeps me off my feet once again.
Knight in shining armor come save me from this tower,
For I am lonely and shy,
Make my heart throb a million times over.
Oh Romeo, oh Romeo make me swoon and take my breath away,
Sing me a song, Lover Boy,
Play that tune to skip a heart,
Angel Face come and kiss me,
Follow this hypnotizing gaze with a playful smirk.
My precious comes once again,
"Honey, let me in, let me in," he would say.
I open the window and in comes my sweetie pie.
My everything has finally arrived.
No longer waiting for Prince Charming to finally come,
Take me away to that beautiful place, Superman.
Come take me away, Angel Eyes.
:icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 1 0
Mature content
Rhythmic Dancing :icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 1 0
Did This Really Just Happen?
The demon casts a curse on an angel.
Play his tricks and fall for it.
Fall into a plummeting black hole.
A black hole called her heart.
The angel falls and loses her purity,
She becomes evil and swears revenge.
She grows horns and a thorny tail.
Watch out demon, she's coming after you.
Hate swarms into the atmosphere,
Like the black plague;
It swarms and consumes everything in sight.
The tide of it will soon take over.
Preparation is not an option.
Prepare to die now.
Fall down a ditch,
A lion has its dinner,
Fall from a large flying bird without a parachute,
Fall to death that awaits below,
Die like a pancake.
Climb a tree only for it to fall,
A squirrel with a foaming mouth takes its first taste of flesh.
A kangaroo kicks far elsewhere.
A wolf stalks and rips flesh from bone,
Blood oozes out so beautifully,
So elegantly and charmingly,
Red like the fury that holds in.
Where will you go?
Where will you run to?
Who will you run to?
Danger surrounds and consumes everything;
No escape an
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How It Starts
Running into many walls,
Blocking access to go any further on;
Communication difficult to reach,
Being busy means ignoring?
No, busy because of school or whatever.
What is this feeling?
Is this ready to start again?
Ready to get going now?
Impatience becomes frustrating?
Don't be impatient!
All the time in the world is all around you.
Look for yourself,
There is no hurry,
No hurry at all;
Don't be lonely,
Stop feeling lonely,
You have one now;
This may be a miracle,
Just wait for it to commence.
Let love happen,
Don't be insecure,
Open up and be true.
Be true
:icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 1 0
Unknown for now
Maricela walks along the forest path sweating through her chain mail and leather armor. She wipes a bead of sweat from her brow as she steps over a fallen branch. Her bow and arrows jangles silently as she sneaks into the forest. She heard a noise from within the Glifen forest and going to investigate what made it.
Sam was just munching on a banana in his Carefree manner.
Maricela sees him and aims her bow and arrow at him in case he is a danger to her in the shadows of the trees.
Sam threw his banana peel.
She studies him and suddenly a crashing sound erupts from her right and something hits her hard into her shoulder. Her arrow just misses Sam's head by mere inches.
Sam climbed the tree.
A vicious roar comes from a fearsome beast. The man who knocked into her gathers her into his arms and makes a run for it. "Put me down, I'm not a damsel in distress! I can take care of myself!" She yelled at him.
Sam turned into a rhino, but fell out of the tree. Then he charged the beast.
The man s
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Not Finished
-Jules Harmons: Dhampir
-Harlan Geoffrey: The angel
-Quincy Bilbo: Jules' cousin-in-law vampire
-Leonel Win-shire: the alien
-Neil Kilfer: Leonel's friend human
-Hanna Jomney: Harlan's ex fallen angel
-Wilma Fonda: Jules' sister dhampir
-Casey Ferris: Jules' first cousin human
About: A love triangle between an alien and an angel fall for a dhampir female. A fallen angel tries to get the angel back no matter the cost. The dhampir fears for the safety of the angel and alien, for she has never craved any blood as their's before.
Setting: Whismore city, Whismore Academy, Homes of the characters, space, heaven, etc.
:icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 1 0
Mature content
Do You Love Me? :icondragon-queensummons:Dragon-QueenSummons 1 0


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I'm thinking of writing a part two since someone wanted me to on my Kickasskeara account. I'm making an outline now. Arianna will be in college and twenty years old with a russian boyfriend of twenty-four. I will have the kidnapper from the first one not be recognizable this time. I was thinking he got plastic surgery so he wouldn't be arrested. He'll be stalking her again but his tactics will be a bit different this time.


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This is KickassKeara but I needed to get another account because I'm running out of room in my other one, just so you know.


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